Stephanie Fortado, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor & Co-Director- Regina V Polk Women’s Labor Leadership Programs
Labor Education Program (Champaign)
Stephanie Fortado - lecturer, School of Labor and Employment Relations
227 LER, 504 East Armory Avenue, Champaign, IL 61820


PhD, US History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2014
MA, History, Indiana University, Indianapolis (IUPUI), 2006
BA, Communications, Taylor University, 1998

Research Interests

Stephanie is a social and cultural historian of the modern United States, with a focus on African American working class and social movement history. She is especially interested in Civil Rights and Black Power history, and in labor history, especially as it relates to women’s history, environmental history and urban history.

Stephanie is currently working on finishing her first book, tentatively titled Race, Recreation and Rebellion: The Black Freedom Movement and Urban Parks in Cleveland, Ohio 1945-1977.

Courses and Topics

LER 130: US Labor History
LER 320: Gender, Race, Class and Work
Labor History
Labor Economics
Communications, Media and Social Media Basics
Collective Bargaining
Internal Organizing
Stewards Training and Grievance Handling
Race and Labor
Women’s Leadership

Personal Interests

Stephanie is also a proud member of her union NTFC 6546, affiliated with the Illinois Federation of Teachers.