Labor Education faculty conduct applied and peer-reviewed research on a wide variety of employment, workplace and labor relations topics.

Applied Research

Applied research reports are done to analyze economic conditions, labor market public policies, workplaces, industries, worker organizations and employment conditions in both the private and public sector. Utilizing a variety of research techniques including data collection and analysis, survey methods, and oral interviews, LEP faculty contribute to both practical and scholarly understanding of issues facing workers and regional economic trends.

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Peer-reviewed research is also a core component of the Labor Education Program. Our faculty provides expertise in multiple areas, including workers representation, building strong employment relationships, worker organizations, labor history and union institutional behavior. Based upon their research and scholarly productivity, as well as key leadership roles served in professional associations, faculty members are acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields. LEP contributes to the scholarly understanding of issues facing workers, unions, and the employment relationship.

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If you would like to partner with the Labor Education Program in supporting the work of the Project or have questions about the Project please contact Professor Bob Bruno, director of the Labor Education program or (312) 996-2491.