Workers’ Rights Curriculum

In addition to training frontline staff of community-based workforce organizations and job seekers in their programs, a team of staff from LEP, the Chicago Jobs Council, and the UIC School of Public Health wrote an open-access Workers’ Rights for Workforce Development curriculum. Its eight chapters cover all of the content of workplace rights and consist of activities designed to be used in interactive workshops and integrated into existing workforce programs. Organized as a “how-to manual”, it is comprised of “pick and choose” activities ranging from 10-60 minutes so practitioners with limited time can select the content most appropriate for their program and participants from the following chapters:

  • Unit 1: Introduction and methods
  • Unit 2: Introduction to workers’ rights on the job
  • Unit 3: Wage and hour laws and protection
  • Unit 4: Getting hired, disciplined, and getting fired
  • Unit 5: Leaves of absence
  • Unit 6: Discrimination on the job
  • Unit 7: Worker health and safety
  • Unit 8: Organizing workers 

As the first curriculum ever developed in the United States that is entirely focused on connecting workers’ rights education to workforce development programming, the content is regularly updated and a fourth edition is currently being developed. 

The third edition of the curriculum is available for free download at