Marcelina Pedraza

Marcie Pedraza

Marcelina Pedraza is a member of United Auto Workers Local 551 at Ford Chicago Assembly Plant and has been a union electrician for 23 years. In her union, she is a delegate for the skilled trades committee, recording secretary for the women’s committee, and was recently elected to serve on the election committee. She is a graduate of and instructor for the Regina V. Polk Women’s Labor Leadership conference, a program that has trained women labor leaders for over 3 decades.

She is a community organizer passionate about environmental justice, and as board member of the
Southeast Environmental Task Force is fighting corporate polluters for a cleaner neighborhood. She is the chair of the neighborhood’s Local School Council where her daughter goes to school.

Marcelina is a lifelong resident of Chicago’s southeast side. She comes from a blue-collar family and is a 4th generation union worker. Besides keeping the line running at work and advocating for a better world, she enjoys rock concerts, traveling, and walking her dog.