Prof. Ashby addresses Chicago City Council Workforce Development Committee demanding greater paid leave

Read Professor Ashby’s remarks on the subject here.

I spoke on a panel of four speakers to the Chicago City Council’s Workforce Development Committee, which was debating the Paid Time Off ordinance.  The Committee subsequently passed it.

Update: Thursday 11/9
Just minutes ago, the full City Council voted 36-12 in favor of the ordinance that requires Chicago businesses to give their workers 10 days off per year beginning January 1, including five sick days and five vacation days.  The State of Illinois had, last year, passed a law that takes effect in March 2024 mandating five paid days off, so the Chicago law doubles that amount.  The victory follows another workers’ rights gain last month, when the Chicago City Council voted to phase out the tipped minimum wage by 2028, so that all workers will receive at least the full minimum wage.

Link to a Chicago Sun Times article on the resolution can be found here.